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I try to keep the tabs of my favorite songs. Tabs are great for beginners and students, and I still feel much more comfortable readings tabs than music staff. In this section, you will find the tabs for my favorite songs as well as some songs I tabbed myself 10+ years ago.

Some of these tabs I found around the Internet in free websites which, as far as I know, do not infringe any copyright laws. Please let me know if you are the copyright owner and do not wish to have our work here. Regarding my own tabs, you may use them for non-commercial purposes that classify as "fair use". Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

Tabs of My Favorite Songs

In alphabetical order:

Civil War (Guns 'n Roses)
Ember's Fire (Paradise Lost)
Fade to Black (Metallica)
Letter to Dana (Sonata Arctica)
Rebellion In Dreamland (Gamma Ray)
Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
Take the Time (Dream Theater)
The Bard's Song - In the Forest (Blind Guardian)
To Live Is To Die (Metallica)
Time What is Time (Blind Guardian)

Tabs by Senescence

A Cry in the Night (Virgin Steele)
A Past and Future Secret (Blind Guardian)
Black Diamond and Coming Home (Stratovarius)
Fade to Black (Metallica)
Fiddler on the Green (Demons And Wizards)
Garden of Lamentation (Virgin Steele)
Karelia (Amorphis)
March of the Final Battle (Running Wild)
Song to Hall Up High (Bathory)
Recercada Quinta Sobre El Passamezzo Antiguo (Diego Ortiz)
The Bard's Song - In the Forest (Blind Guardian)
The Forgotten Sunrise (Amorphis)
Turkish March (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

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