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April 11, 2017

After my wife passed away in 2016, I turned to music, almost like a form of therapy. In the process I made a new song, entitled "Just Words", about losing my wife. It's available for download as MP3 and, for the first time, I also made a video of me playing.

December 31, 2014

My wrist injuries have unfortunately become chronic, and I can only play guitar for a small amount of time per week. Therefore, although I have some ideas and riffs for new songs, I suspect it will be some time before I can finish them.

August 20, 2008

While I have recently started working on a new song, tentatively entitled "God's Apprentice," I underwent surgery on my left wrist in 2007 and unfortunately still have considerable pain when playing the guitar which has significantly hindered my progress.

May 6, 2006

Added a new song to the site: "Somewhere in America". This is my first original song in almost 7 years. Also replaced "The Turkish March (Rondo alla Turca)" by a new re-mastered version. Both songs are available for download as MP3.

December 11, 2005

Added a new instrumental version of my 1999 song "At the Gates of Yvdar". Available for download as MP3.

November 17, 2005

Added a new tablature of the Diego Ortiz song: "Recercada Quinta Sobre El Passamezzo Antiguo".

August 13, 2005

Added a new song to the site: "The Turkish March (Rondo alla Turca)". It's a metal sample played in electric guitar of the classical work by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

August 7, 2005

Changed my artistic name to Senescence and created, a new website to portray my music.

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