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"Without music, life would be a mistake." — Friedrich Nietzsche

Who Am I?

Most of all, I am a guitarist. That's why I tend to give special emphasis to guitar in this website: I have a section of tabs aimed at students and fellow guitarists, and some of my songs are actually samples of classical compositions. Afterwards, I am a musician and composer using music to express my emotions.

Joao Pedro de Magalhaes

I grew up listening to Queen and, later, Metallica. Metallica drove me to metal, which is still my favorite genre. I discovered the pioneering band Helloween, featuring the father of power metal Kai Hansen, and Blind Guardian, still one of my favorites bands. Since I favor melody over rhythm, I tend to prefer European metal with its large variety of melodic and power metal. Particularly northern Europe has spawned an array of bands that blend the beauty of old European folk music with the intensity of metal: Amorphis, Nightwish, Bathory, In Flames, Stratovarius, Opeth, to name just a few. I appreciate different styles of metal, though, and I'm still surprised at the awesome diversity and creativity of metal musicians. Some times I am in the mood for the faster songs of speed metal bands like Sonata Arctica, others I prefer slower songs and I listen to Opeth or Paradise Lost.

In the same way heavy metal and noisy distortion give me strength, however, I love classical and medieval music. My favorite composers include Bach, Mozart, and Diego Ortiz. An album like "Tales from the Thousand Lakes" by Amorphis can blow me away with its intensity in the same way the melodies of, say, the "Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack" by Basil Poledouris inspire me and take me through a range of emotions. Some bands manage to combine the two with Rage's "Lingua Mortis" as a good example. Of course, I also listen to a lot of music in between metal and classical. Bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, or even The Beatles are always high in my playlist.

With my real name of João Pedro de Magalhães I can forget about word-of-mouth. Because I actually happen to work on aging and senescence, I felt that Senescence was an appropriate artistic name. (Previously, I used Dark Angæl as my artistic name, but Senescence is more original and it equally reflects the gloom I want to express in at least some of my songs.) You can find much more about me in my personal website.

Thank you for visiting my site. Have fun because that's the most important thing in life and remember:

"Life's too short to cry, long enough to try" — Kai Hansen

About the Music

Music is the most beautiful of arts and it is disappointing that nowadays the music industry is more about image and looks than about . . . well, the music. These days, video clips are like an old Charlie Chaplin movie: great without the sound. That's why I decided to put all my songs online. In a sense, this move is the ultimate form of independent music. I don't need to be signed or make money with my indie music. All I need to be an accomplished musician is to make music that captures my emotions, music which hopefully others appreciate.

Typically, I compose songs combining my music tastes and influences, with metal as the predominant style. Not all of my songs can be classified as metal, though, and I have quieter rock and roll songs and ballads. I always try to have melodious songs; the melodies can then be combined with metal or with any other style. Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick" is a good example of an original and brilliant work combining wonderful melodies with acoustic guitar and hard rock riffs. Likewise, I try to find the right harmony in my songs by fitting the melodies with the most appropriate rhythm and style, which can be of any kind.

Overall, my music is a mirror of my feelings. I still experiment with different styles and sometimes I take a more scientific approach to music. Making music should be primarily about communicating with others, but it is also about reaching new limits. The album "Theli" from Therion is the perfect example of a unique genre within a genre. Some of my songs are thus highly experimental with varied results. In addition to being a guitarist, I play keyboards and I sing. I experiment with all these instruments trying to improve my skills. The benchmark in this context was probably set by Dream Theater's "Images and Words", a masterpiece of different techniques of musicianship crammed into a single album. When I play each instrument, I try to move a bit closer to that outstanding work.

Admittedly, I don't give a great importance to lyrics in my music. It's rare to find inspiring lyrics in recent songs. "Invictus" from Virgin Steele is an exception that remains a landmark in music in part thanks to its astonishing lyrics. Nonetheless, I don't spend much time working on the lyrics. I also feel that it is best to let your emotions speak for you. Most, though not all, of my songs are sad and I guess that's one of the reasons why I like using the name Senescence. Music has always been my escape when I'm feeling down.

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